Concord High School
Concord, NH

Alumni History 1951-Present

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School nickname of "Crimson" is expanded to "Crimson Tide." Crowd control problems force the school board to ban night football games.


A new student publication, THE CRIMSON REVIEW, is being printed at the Morrill School as an extra-curricular activity.


U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter graduates and is voted "Most Likely to Succeed" by his classmates.


School day lengthened to six one-hour teaching periods and a 30-minute lunch. Gone is the activity period (for extra-curricular activities) within the school day.


School is remodeled to accommodate 1,200 students. Shop wing is built on the NW side of the school, the old gymnasium is made into a 2-story science wing, and a new gym, cafeteria, and a spacious music room are added.


The OVAL (an 8-lap to the mile track) is added to the front area of the school. Hockey is added as a varsity sport.


Enrollment soars to over 1,300 students. New building is already at capacity. Six member "traffic squad" keep students moving between classes and monitor. The "Up" and "Down" Stairways.


Computer education debuts at CHS with the addition of Data Processing to the curriculum offerings. For the first time, summer school is made available to students.


Merrimack Valley opens and draws over 100 students away from CHS lowering the school's enrollment to a manageable 1,140.


School experiments with a work-study program in which some students are allowed release time from school for paying jobs that earn school credit.


The first Homecoming weekend includes Friday night pep rally, a parade up Pleasant Street, and a Saturday afternoon game against Dover.


Study halls become voluntary. "A.B.C." program for minorities (A Better Chance) completes its first of fifteen years at CHS.


Beloved CHS English teacher, Dick "Doc" Blanchard, retires after 37 years at CHS.


The first Achievement Awards night is held in the spring to recognize school-related achievements, National Merit Scholarship finalists, and top ten students from each class.


Concord High school is renovated ….. Fall classes start with double sessions at Rundlett Junior High School. The new building, a 3 million dollar effort, is completed in late October and opens its doors as the "Concord Regional Vocational Center" to students of 25 towns and 8 high schools.


School hosts first night football game in 31 years.


Christa McAuliffe is selected to be the first teacher in space.


The Crimson Clowns debut at Concord High. They would spread their "glee" for the next ten years.


Health Education and Computer Literacy are now required courses for graduation. A democratic school government &endash; the CHS Senate … is established.


School chorus performs for John Denver on the TV show, People are Talking.


Ninety-minute blocks replace the traditional 45-minute periods. President Clinton comes to Concord. CHS Senior Cullen Wible introduces the president at the Capital Center for the Arts. The CHS Band would later march in the president's second inaugural parade.


The CHS addition is completed with the facility almost doubling in size. Bow students no longer attend the school, but CHS has expanded to a four-year high school with the ninth graders now attending CHS.


Concord High alumnus Tara Mounsey wins a gold medal at the '98 Winter Olympics.


Mike Garrett retires after 40 years of service at CHS; both as a teacher and an assistant principal.

Crimson Clowns circa 1988






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