Concord High School
Concord, NH

Alumni History 1862-1900

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City officials decry that "the children of our city are growing up weak and puny," so the local schools add "Physical Training" to the curriculum. The students are introduced to Gymnastics, forcing the staff to become "gym teachers" as well.


The "Bell" Schoolhouse in which the high school is housed is declared "unfit for service" and is demolished. Students would have to spend most of the 1864 school year in makeshift classrooms in Rumford Hall while the new high school is built.


The new high school building is completed in March. The first floor has six rooms that would house all lower grades, while the upstairs was designed strictly for the high school. The cost of this building was just under $30,000 and it was declared as one of the best schools in New England.


High School enrollment is up to 145 students.


Concord High pupils participate in the city's observance of the first Memorial Day.


The Board advertises for applications for those desiring to attend evening school classes. Only one application is made ….. Board drops idea.


Corporal punishment is abolished by the Board. In its place, the staff is encouraged to use "irresistible persuasion."


Concord schools eliminate Saturday morning classes and go to a five day week.


Graduation exercises moved from the high school to White's Opera House.


School year is increased to 36 weeks (180 days) to conform to state policy.


Class of '83 reacts to Halley's Comet with a "Comet" of their own …. a monthly publication titled "The Comet" that is devoted to the welfare of Concord High. "The Volunteer" replaces "The Comet" five years later.


Students no longer have to purchase their own textbooks. The District votes to supply free textbooks to all students.


In response to popular demands, the Board institutes an Evening School. Over 150 students (aged 9-70) sign up for classes in reading, writing, and arithmetic.


In April, a fire starts in the chemistry lab and burns the school building to the ground. All 350 students who were housed in the building escaped without injury. The high school students would spend the next two years taking their classes at City Hall.


The new high school (built on the same lot) is completed and dedicated in early September. For the first time ever, high school students are in one building while a separate facility is built for lower grade students


Compulsory military drill for boys and calisthenics for the girls is added to the school curriculum. The high school cadets make their first public appearance in the Memorial Day Parade and "were a picture in their snappy blue uniforms."


Twenty-eight present and former students serve in the First Regiment, NH Volunteers, in the war with Spain. There are no CHS casualties.


Concord's population has now reached 20,000. The Union School District consists of 61 teachers (60 of whom are female).

High School Cadets circa 1890






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