Concord High School
Concord, NH

Alumni History 1901-1925

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Student population at CHS reaches 258, causing overcrowding problems in a facility that was built to accommodate 180 pupils. A new high school is discussed.


Concord Teachers Association is formed.


Due to overcrowding conditions, the Boys Locker Room is refurbished into a typewriting class.


A new high school is built on Spring Street (now Kimball School). Designed to comfortably fit 500 students, this three-story school is "state-of-the-art" with a large assembly hall, good labs, and a library. A new school is built on Rumford Street that would serve as the district's industrial education center for the next half century. Ninth graders attend the old high school &endash; now called Parker School (named for the first President of the Board .. Henry E. Parker).


The annual concert by the high school chorus is performed in Phenix Hall.


A record enrollment of 495 poses problems for the new high school. Out of the 63 graduates from this class, 9 go on to college.


The school district goes to an 11-year system. There are now six primary grades, two junior high grades (7th and 8th &endash; both at Parker School), and three high school grades (9th, 10th, and 11th). Attendance is down to 325 &endash; a manageable number.


"Three Cheers for Concord," scripted by Jerome Stewartson (Class of 1911) to the tune, "Battleship New Hampshire," is sung for the first time. It is an instant hit and remains today as the scool fight song.


High School curriculum set up so that students may choose five distinct courses of study ....College Prep/Academic/Commercial/ Mechanic Arts (boys)/Domestic Arts (girls). Students travel at their own pace &endash; there are now two graduations; one in January and another in June


Hot lunches are "something new for the high school. Meals vary from 5 to 15 cents.


Military Drill is made optional.


U.S. enters WWI … High School students purchase over 11,000 Thrift Stamps over the next three years that generates over $3,000 for the War Effort.


Schools close down for the month of October due to a pneumonia influenza epidemic. Over 25,000 cases are reported in the state … 1,400 deaths result.


Passing mark is raised from 65% to 70%.


&endash; Military Drill is removed from the curriculum due to a lack of volunteers.


William W. Thayer offers a $20 prize to the highest academically ranked student who earns his athletic letter. This scholarship ($100) is still given out annually.


With an enrollment of 549 pupils, a push for a new and bigger high school begins.


A new brass band (under the direction of Charles S. Conant) is started at the high school with "distinct success."


The school district hires Dudley Brothers and their five busses to revamp its transportation system. Now 200 students are transported daily in a third of the time it took with the previous year's "barge" system.






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