77 Auburn Street
Concord, NH

History of This Fine Home

History / Updates

We are Concord natives. By 1973, my folks had lived in AZ for over 10 years. We went out for a visit in the spring (AZ is very pretty in the spring). We thought AZ was pretty nice so we sold our Concord home, packed all of our belonging in a Rider truck and "westward ho".

After 6 months of the AZ summer heat (120 to 130 by day, cooling to 100 at night) we decided to move back to NH. We returned February 1976 in the middle of a blizzard but I kissed the ground anyway.

We purchased this property from my in-laws who lived at 75 Auburn Street. My wife's grandparents came from Italy and lived at 73 Auburn Street. Once upon a time, there were 3 generations living side-by-side.

As I said in our opening statement, I designed and built this home in 1976 to be our retirement home. I had the cellar hole dug, foundation put in, framed up, doors, windows, roof put on. When I took over, the inside was completely empty (no walls, electrical or plumbing). I worked every night after supper until midnight from May to September when we moved in. Even my two daughters pounded nails in the sub-flooring.



Well as life plays out, some things don't go as planned. I divorced my first wife of 18 years in 1981. We had to sell this house to split our assets.

After being single for 10 years, I remarried in 1992. This house came on the market in 1997. I had not seen inside this house for over 15 years. I suggested to my wife that we look at it. She loved it at first sight. Of course, I did not need to be sold. We bought it immediately.

As I said before, some things don't go as planned. The owners decided not to sell. My wife was heartsick. The owners did not have to sell us this house but they did have to pay the full commission because we offered full price (We did not negotiate - My Daughter said you always negotiate - Not if you want something - I would have paid double). Anyway, over the weekend, the owners decided they would sell us the house.

Initially, we replaced carpeting & kitchen flooring, painted inside completely (the cabinets were a dark pine, which were popular at the time), new driveway (3 big rocks were removed) and replaced the garage floor (which had broken up). Over the next few years, we have continued with improvements (fishpond, stream, waterfalls, gazebo, multi-level deck, landscaping, etc.).

As life has it, now that we have everything just the way we want it, we have decided to go condo. This gives your family the opportunity to add to our dreams to become yours (even better).

Recent Updates:
2010: New kitchen with ultra new Delta Touch20 Faucet Technology

           appliences, tile floor, roof, exterior paint, exterior doors

2011: Painting all interior walls, crown molding, wiring for 6-circut emergency generator system

2013: New master bathroom faucet ultra new Delta Touch20 Faucet Technology

These Touch2O faucets are great !!!

It is like power windows and A/C for your car.
If you have never had them, no big deal
once you have them, you will always have them !!!

The bathroom Touch2O faucet works a little differently, you do not need to touch it.

Just put you hand within 4" of the faucet and it turns ON.
Remove your hand and it turns OFF.

Great for brushing your teeth and getting a drink.

2013: New carpeting for master bedroom, livingroom, stairs to lower level and hallway.

2015: Composite deck railing system and carpeting.

2016: Converting all lights to LED.
           (Expensive - BUT - hopefully, beneficial for the long term)

2016: New oak post & railing system with white spindles.

2019: New electric water heater.

2021: DuctlessAire 24,000 BTU Mini Split A/C

           Composite deck flooring.

           Resurface driveway.

2022: Solar Energy

We only pay $141 per month for 25-years for ALL of our electric power.
You will simply take over payments - And then, you will pay nothing for your electric power.

2023: Leaf Filters Seamless Gutters

Front and Rear, Replace fascia boards with PVC fascia boards and install Leaf Filter seamless gutters.

Aleko Remote Control motorized 16 x 10 Awning

History / Updates

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