77 Auburn Street
Concord, NH



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Our home is in a very nice neighborhood !
Compared to other houses on our street for sale,
you will see our home is very reasonable priced.

(1) 10 Auburn sold 01/2008 for $599,900.

(2) 25 Auburn sold 05/2008 for $592,900 and now renovating.

(3) I find this amazing !!!

This house at 30 Auburn Street was sold in 02/2007 for $640,000 with just the land you see plus a driveway in the back.
They have completed an addition and renovation that cost another $250,000 which brings the total to around $900,000.

(4) The house on the left at 35 Auburn Street sold 09/2008 for $540,000.
(Needs lots of wook)

(5) The house on the right at 37 Auburn Street is on the market for $570,000.
(Very good condition and they have a swimming pool)

(6) 71 Auburn sold 07/2007 for $270,000 and now renovating for another $250,000 for a total investment of $520,000.

(I asked her why she bought this house and she said, "It was the cheapest house on the street").

(7) 79 Auburn sold 07/2008 for $399,900.


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