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COBOL to Windows Conversion

Download a FREE Sample Program System

We will convert any mainframe or MS-DOS COBOL application (programs & data)
to a full Windows client/server system.

This conversion:
(1) Maintains your COBOL processing logic
(2) Gives the familiar Windows "look & feel" to your core applications
(3) Making enhancements in the process

and / or
We will add features to your current application.

We complete this process by "telecommute".

(!!!! The Internet and phones work great !!!!)
(On one project, the parent company was in AK - with the IT Department in WI)
This is as important as Y2K
(without the deadline)

Potential applications to convert are all financial systems

Accounting Firms
Charge Card Companies
Communication Companies (Phone, Cable, TV, Radio, etc.)
Government (Federal, State, Local)
Insurance Companies
Mortgage Companies
School Systems

etc. (there is no end to this list)

Example - Convert from this:

To this: (Click to full screen)

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