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Interesting Videos

06/23 - 08/27/2014 (6 weeks) - The Author S side of the family accepted a $1.5 Billion buyout from Author T & his Sisters - Market Basket Food Fight.
08/16/2013 - Jobs - GREAT Steve Jobs movie
10/1993 - CBS 60 Minutes - The H-1B Visa problem has been with us for many years.

This is why myself and Thousands of other USA computer developers / support people are not developing / supporting today. The "real" problem for all USA Citizens is that once the money leaves the USA, it is gone !!! Local developers don't have the substantial money needed to buy homes, autos, vacations, etc., etc., etc.
10/2016 - CBS 60 Minutes - More recent H-1B Visa problems.

Alternative Math
This has been tried for many years - Why don't educators get it ?!?! - Math is Math (pretty simple).
WMUR NH Chronicle - Minding Your Manners.
05/11/2019 - NBC Nightly News - Adulting School
This is being implemented in many states - Why don't we simply teach the basics in our Public Schools K-12 ?!?!


CBS Innovation Nation - I expect that this technology would be very simple to scale up.
Simply put many of these items together on the bottom of rivers with protection for fish throughout the world.


Global Change

Global change has been happening since its beginning (5 Billion years - Way longer than when humans arrived - 100 Thousand years ago or so).

Why would anyone think "Global Change" can stop or be reversed (It simply is) ?!?!

This is the first video of a 2-year History Channel series. The complete series of "How the Earth was Made" can be purchased on Amazon.com for around $50.

If you watch the complete series, you will learn:
The continents, oceans, lakes, mountains, Grand Canyon, trees, all species, etc., etc., etc. have not always been here.

98% of all species that have ever been on Earth are extinct.

Sea fossils have been found on the "Matter Horn"
(which means it was under the sea).

Palm leaf fossils have been found at the "North Pole"
(which means that the average temperature had to be above 50 degrees).

As a boy, I remember hearing about an "Ice Age". Watching the complete series, you will learn there have been 11 "Ice Ages". Humans and all other mammals are "allowed" to live on Earth today only because we are between "Ice Ages"
(which means there has been "Global Warming" in between).

And much more !!!

Very Interesting

12/01/2019 - CBS Sunday Morning
Preparing the next generation of GPS

Originally developed by the U.S. military, the Global Positioning System (GPS) as we now know it became operational in 1995, and has since become vital to nearly every facet of modern life, from our smartphones to the internet and the electrical grid.

David Pogue was invited into the Air Force's GPS Master Control Station at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colo, and visits Lockheed Martin, where a new generation of GPS III satellites is being built.

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