Concord High School
Concord, NH
Class of 1962

Old School Photos

Pictures submitted by Claudia (Bartlett) Rourke
by way of Janette Irving

1954 - 4th Grade - Conant School - Wedding Skit

"Groom" Janette Irving,
"Bride" Claudia Bartlett

"The Wedding Party"
"Preacher" Ray Thurston,
Don Andrews (behind Ray),
"Groom" Janette Irving,
Linda Vachon (younger, in front of Claudia),
Claudia Bartlett,
Loretta Courchene,
Cheryl Cole (moved away),
Margaret Gove,
Susan Jesseman

"The Bride's family"
Ed Breslin,
Despina Moskos,
Barbara Ackerson (moved away),
John Whitney,
Lenore Nelson (moved away),
Roddy Prior

"The Groom's family"
Barbara Venne,
Richard Rowell,
Andrea Kopel,
Bobby Andrews,
Seny Lake,
Barry Cleveland,
Betty Hyland,
Geraldine Coleman

1955 - 6th Grade Citywide Chorus

1955 - 6th Grade Conant School

1955 - 6th Grade - Conant School

Submitted by Mooneen (Gordon) Parkinson
1957 - 7th Grade - Parker School
Homeroom F through G

1960 - CHS Cheerleaders

1960 - CHS Cheerleaders

Submitted by Chuck Haynes

1961 - Boy's Gym Class

Taken while we were Juniors and still using the old gym before it was converted to science/chem/physics labs.

I can not recall all the names of the underclassmen in the photo but members of our Class of 1962 are as follows:

From left to right; Doug Richards holding Rick Heins on his shoulders, David Copson standing wearing shirt number 29;
then Chuck Haynes on Jim Venne's shoulders.

The fellow standing next to Doug Richards and under the backboard is Gary Nylen who was a Sophomore.

Maybe other folks can put names on the remaining faces!

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