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Name Phone E-mail
1939 - Richard Sibley (603) 225-8284  
1957 - Jane (Barton) Cate (603) 746-5053
(603) 496-1620 cell
1961 - Jeff Spoor (603) 225-6366
1962 - Mike Royce (603) 224-3805
1972 - Lynn Parkinson (603) 848-7757
1973 - Joy (Potter) West (603) 224-6733
1977 - Lyn (Allquist) Spain (603) 223-0655
1986 - Joanne Walton (703) 764-8023

Class of 1937
Class Contact:
         Friday, June 8, 2001....
The Class of 1937 held their annual reunion - this year the 64th - at the Holiday Inn in Concord.

Class of 1938
Class Contact:

Class of 1939
Class Contact: Marjorie Strong Davis
(603) 224-0178

Class of 1940
Class Contact:

Class of 1941
Class Contact:

Class of 1942
Class Contact: Dick Mullavey
(603) 224-6966

Class of 1943
Class Contact: Nancy (Reycroft) Denoncourt/Manson Donaghey
(603) 648-2411 ??

Class of 1944
Class Contact: Esther (Huckins) Woodbury
(603) 736-4534

Class of 1945
Class Contact: Herbert E. Little
(603) 228-8477

Class of 1946
Class Contact: Roberta (Jewell) Young
(603) 224-1435

Class of 1947
Class Contact: Bessie (Stavros) Perthel
(702) 294-0142

         September, 2002....
This class celebrated its 55th Reunion with a weekend of socializing, culminated by a luncheon at the Cat & Fiddle on Saturday afternoon.

Class of 1948
Class Contact: Shirley (Headberg) Nemiccolo
(603) 225-2652

         October, 2003....
The 55th Reunion was celebrated with a weekend of activities built around a Saturday Night meal at the Concord Marriott.

Class of 1949
Class Contact: Mal Richards
(603) 224-2653

Class of 1950
Class Contact: Wendall "Buzz" Grant
(603) 432-4007

Class of 1951
Class Contact: Rita (Dane) Johnson
(603) 226-2289

Class of 1952
Class Contact: William Peter Hood
(217) 367-5616 ??

Class of 1953
Class Contact: Freda Spiro
(603) 225-6500

The 50th Reunion for this class was held on Saturday, September 27, 2003. The class enjoyed a social Friday evening at the Makris Lobster and Steak House, followed by a school and city tour on Saturday morning and then a dinner/awards presentation/speech (by CHS Alumni Director Bill Haubrich) on Saturday night at the Grappone Conference Center in the Concord Marriott.  A Sunday breakfast followed.

The Class of 1953 will hold its annual reunion this summer on August 18 at 11:00 a.m. at the Cat & Fiddle Restaurant in Concord. The dress is casual and the meal is off the lunch menu. For more information, contact Ginger Sanborn at (603) 798-5937.

Class of 1954
Class Contact: Patricia (Clark) Richardson
(603) 893-0778

The 50th Reunion was held over the week-end of October 8-9, 2004.

Nostalgia Photos (PowerPoint presentation - will take awhile for 64 MB to load)

Class of 1955
Class Contact: Dick Cressy
(603) 746-3321

The Class of '55 held their 50th Reunion on the weekend of Sept. 24, 2005. The class got together on Friday evening with a dinner/dance and slide show at the Holiday Inn, then had a cookout at Bear Brook State Park on Saturday afternoon.

Class of 1956
Class Contact: Bob Hansen
(603) 228-1709

        September 28, 29, 2001....
This Class celebrated its 45th Reunion with a busy weekend.  First up was a Friday social gathering at the Comman Man Restaurant, followed by a Saturday morning Golf Tournament at Beaver Meadow Golf Course, and later a social gathering then a buffet dinner atthe  Concord Country Club.  Those in charge of the arrangements were Jean Hansen at 228-1709, Anne Taylor Cangiano at 746-6798, and Lynne Mead, 46 Church St., Concord, NH  03301

Class of 1957
Class Contact: Jane (Barton) Cate
CHS Alumni Committee member
(603) 746-5053
(603) 496-1620 cell

This class celebrated its 45th Reunion on August 3 and 4, 2002.

Class of 1958
Class Contact: Jim Burney
(603) 224-2131

The Class of '58 held it's 45th Class Reunion 0n Saturday,September 20, 2003, at Beaver Meadow Country club. Information can be obtained from Dick Chandler, 35 No. Shore lane Franklin, NH 03235 (603) 934-5286 or contact Jim Burney.

Class of 1959
Class Contact: Phil Paveglio
(603) 774-4652

Women of Concord High School's Class of 1959 meets the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the teacher's lounge at Concord High School. 45th Class Reunion was held October 15, 16 and 17, 2004 (We enjoyed the NH Fall Foliage).  Highlight was the 45th Reunion Dinneron Saturday evening  with entertainment and auction at the new Courtyard Marriott Hotel at Horseshoe Pond.

Phil Paveglio
19 Putney Road
Bow, NH 03304
(603) 774-1919

Class of 1960
Class Contact: Mary "Rose" (Guerriero) Blaisdell
(603) 224-4564

Class of 1961
Class Contacts:
Jeff Spoor
(603) 225-6366

Carole (Avery) Milliken
(603) 724-6791 ??

50th reunion July 15, 16 and 17, 2011.
The July 16 Saturday evening dinner was held at the Courtyard Marriott in Concord. Facebook users can participate by joining the group: Concord High School 1961.

Class of 1962
Class Contact: Mike Royce
CHS Alumni Committee member
(603) 224-3805 (Cell & Text)
Class of 1962 Web page:

We had a 57th Reunion BBQ September 7-8, 2019 with 40 classmates in attendance.
Photos of our 57th Reunion BBQ

Past Reunions:
10th - September 16, 1972 - Highway Hotel
20th - June 26, 1982 - Bow Community Center
25th - July 25, 1987 - Howard Johnson
30th - July 18, 1992 - Concord Country Club
40th - September 28, 2002 - Concord Country Club
50th - August 18, 2012 - Grappone Center (Marriott Courtyard)
57th - September 7, 2019 - Masonic Lodge

Class of 1963
Class Contacts:
Lee Shenton
(207) 781-4080

Robert W Murdoch
(603) 228-4474

Planning our 50th Class Reunion for September, 2013.

This is only our second reunion in 50 years !!!
We need contact information.

Past Reunions:
10th -

Class of 1964
Class Contact: Wayne Heath
(603) 472-2770

Class of 1965
Class Contact: Bill Breslin
(603) 224-3964

The class held their 50th reunion on Saturday, July 25, 2015 at the Grappone Conference Center at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

The class held their 40th reunion on Saturday, July 30, 2005 at the Grappone Conference Center at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

Class of 1966
Class Contact: Lois (Hilliard) Howe
(603) 224-2764 ??

The class held their 40th reunion on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2006 at the Grappone Center at the Marriott here in Concord.

Class of 1967
Class Contact: Anne (Quimby) Hartshorn
(603) 225-3216

         The 40th Class Reunion was held on Saturday, August 18, 2007 at Makris Lobster & Steak House restaurant on Route 106, Concord.

Class of 1968
Class Contact: Nancy Nason
(603) 228-1413 ??

Class of 1969
Class Contact: Janet (Soden) Sprague
(603) 228-0567

Concord High School Class of 1969 had it's 35th class reunion on August 21, 2004 at Makris Lobster and Steak House.

Class of 1970
Class Contact: Rick Cricenti
(603) 672-4226

We would like your input on the activities you would like to see at our next reunion. Please direct your ideas to Rick Cricenti

Please E-mail Barbara (Irving) Mostue with updated mailing address, phone number and/or E-mail address.

Thanks for your continued support!

Missing classmates:
Elizabeth K. Audet Barry, Debra Ann Baker, Dennis Baker, Hazel Baker Grant, Charles Bissett, Kevin Boissy, Lise Bolduc, Arlene Carlson Quimby, Stephen Clarke, Thomas Cooley, Sharon Cyr Byers, Robert Davis, Gervaise Drouin Bartlett, Rose Dupont, Carol Edson Skillin, Donna Ezelle, David Faust, Wayne Field, Ralph Gallagher, Lois Gianferante, Wayne Greenough, Rose Harford, Sharon Hinz Patsfield, Barbara Hoffman Cook, Daryl Houle, David Jones, Ronnie Lamb, Jacquelyn LaValley Bowie, Joe Locke, Mary MacDonald, Susan MacDonald Tardif, Joseph Mahan, Geneva Nelson, Bruce Marlatt, William Milbury, Roberta Paul,  Gail Philbrick Allen, Linda Rogers, Donna Taylor Pickard, Joy Readey Street, David Ruth, Robert Schatz, Donna Severance Miller, Sandra Shattuck McAlpine, Danny Lee Vannatter, and Jacalyn Wilcox Smith.

Class of 1971
Class Contact: Nancy Mellitt
(603) 224-3629

Class of 1972
Class Contacts:
Lynn (Blaisdell) Annicharico
(603) 225-3266

Lynn Parkinson
(603) 848-7757

Concord High School Class of 1972 will have it's 45th class reunion in 2017 - Please watch for more info here.

Class of 1973
Class Contacts:
Marcy (Madden) Therrian
(603) 335-1477

Joy (Potter) West
(603) 224-6733

Class of 1974
Class Contact: Brian Denoncour
(603) 746-3840

Class of 1975
Class Contact: Russ Cutting

Class of 1976
Class Contact: Jennifer (Wyman) Lombardo
(603) 228-4661

Class of 1977
Class Contact: Lori Nerbonne

         The CHS Class of 1977 held its 30th reunion on August 11th, 2007 from 6 p.m. to midnight @ the Courtyard by Marriott in Concord, NH.

Reunion committee:
Lyn (Allquist) Spain
CHS Alumni Committee member
(603) 223-0655 ??

Donna Askin Morrison (603) 228-4247
Marilyn Boghosian Landrigan-O'Meara (603) 226-3274
Martha Langevin Swasey (603) 228-3880
Gina Wright Buzzell (603) 783-4698

Class of 1978
Class Contact: Deanna (Ordway) Danie
(603) 664-5171

25th Class Reunion was held on Friday July 25, 2003 at the Courtyard by Marriott.......Concord, NH..... 6 pm to Midnight

The Reunion Committee:
Judy Alarie
(603) 746-6601

Betsy Voelker
(603) 224-8950

Dave Enos
(603) 421-9119

Rick Higgins
(603) 225-8201

Diane Beattie
(360) 573-4240 ??

Class of 1979
Class Contact: Gary Prescott
(603) 224-7372

Class of 1980
Class Contacts:
John Fisher
(603) 883-0429

Maureen Kimball
(603) 746-4879

Maura McCann
(603) 224-4370

Scott Reid
(603) 224-0739 ??

The Class of '80 had their 25th Class Reunion... on November 26, 2005 from 6PM-Midnight at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord.

Class of 1981
Class Contacts:
Judy (Flynn) Hardy
CHS Alumni Committee member
(603) 783-8993 ??

Tori Berube
(603) 645-1123

Paula (Dow) Kelley
(603) 608-9495

Anna (Reale) Fine
(603) 608-7890

We had our 30th Class Reunion... October 29, 2011 (remember that BIG Fall blizzard)?? at the Grappone center - 2 feet of snow in October.

Class of 1982
Class Contact:

Class of 1983
Class Contact:

The Class of 1983 had their 20th Class Reunion on November 28th, 2003. For more details, go to to rsvp for the event.

Class of 1984
Class Contact:

Class of 1985
Class Contact: Deb (Howard) Sturgill
(603) 226-6046

The class of 1985's 20th Reunion was held at the Holiday Inn Convention Center on 172 N. Main St. in Concord on Saturday, August 6, 2005.

Class of 1986
Class Contact: Joanne Walton
CHS Alumni Committee member
(703) 764-8023

Our 25th reunion is scheduled for Saturday July 9th, 2011 on the Mt. Washington cruise ship.

A buffet dinner cruise with live music on the Mt. Washington to celebrate Class of '86 25th Reunion.

Cruise is also open to other CHS alums who would like to join us... the boat holds 650, so let's fill it with Concord alumni!

On-line ticketing begins late April at or call the ticket office at 1-888-THE-MOUNT (1-888-843-6686) to order tickets.


Group rate is $44 per ticket.

Reunion Committee:
Joanne Walton
Cindy (Bull) Edson
Shane Mahoney
Valerie (Soucy) Dutcher
Andrea (Rice) Freeman
Deirdre (Ross) Smith
Kristin (Coronis) Jacques
Matthew Mead

Class of 1987
Class Contact: Laurie (Barsalou) Peters

Class of 1988
Class Contact: Lisa (Ordway) Malvey

Class of 1988 15th CLASS REUNION ...was held on  Friday, October 10, 2003 at The Courtyard by  Concord.

Class of 1989
Class Contact: Kirsten Dartnell
(703) 887-1320

Brenda Perkins

Class of 1989's 20th reunion is scheduled for June 12th, 2009. Start saving now :) Contact Sharon (White) Wescomb at: or Nick Metoulious.

Details are posted on

Class of 1990
Class Contact: Toni L (Milne) DeGennairo
(732) 710-3356

Class of 1991
Class Contact:

Class of 1992
Class Contact: Wendy Morrill
(201) 239-1182

The class of 1992 had their 10th reunion November 29, 2002 at the Courtyard Marriott in Concord.  Over 150 alumni and guests attended.  There is already talk about a 15 or 20 year reunion!  With this in mind, please keep in touch with our class contact via email to:   Class of 1992 members can also keep in touch via our CHS_1992 yahoo! group at or check into Wendy Morrill's website at: Thanks for making the 10 year reunion a success and remember to keep in touch!

Class of 1993
Class Contact: Mike Milbury
(603) 226-6929

Class of 1994
Class Contact: Michelle (Treat) Clancy
(603) 668-4942

The Class of '94 held its 10th reunion at the Holiday Inn in Concord on Friday, November 26, 2004.

Class of 1995
Class Contact: Sarah (Croteau) Aiken
(603) 224-6347

The 10th reunion was held on December 23, 2005 - at the Grappone Center.

Class of 1996
Class Contact: Dan Tobin
(603) 225-1102

10th Reunion....was held on December 23rd, 2006 at the Holiday Inn here in  Concord.

Contact info for the Class of '96: If you are unable to join myspace, alumni should please shoot us an email to … so that they may be added to our data base

Class of 1997
Class Contact: Cullin Wible
(917) 939-7432 ??

We had our 10th reunion in 2007. For ideas or other info contact Cullin Wible at  Invitations can be found at 

Class of 1998
Class Contact: Amanda Welch

Class of 1999
Class Contact: Kristin (Hastings) Austin
(603) 674-7181

Class of 2000
Class Contacts:
Joshuah Totten-Greenwood
(603) 496-0134

Kara (Clattenburg) Pierce

Kelley Kugel

We’ll be holding our 10th reunion at 7 Eagle Square at 7pm on 11/27/2010.

The price is $45 until 11/01/2010 and tickets may be purchased at

We also have a block of rooms ($76) at the Holiday Inn in Concord, just mention “CHS Class of 2000.”

If you have any questions be in touch…

Class of 2001
Class Contact: Daniel Lenehan
(603) 568-2574

Class of 2002
Class Contact:

Class of 2003
Class Contact:

Class of 2004
Class Contact:

Class of 2005
Class Contact:

Class of 2006
Class Contact:

Class of 2007
Class Contact:

Class of 2008
Class Contact:

Class of 2009
Class Contact:

Class of 2010
Class Contact:

Class of 2011
Class Contact:

Class of 2012
Class Contact:

Class of 2013
Class Contact:

Class of 2014
Class Contact:

Class of 2015
Class Contact:

Class of 2016
Class Contact:

Class of 2017
Class Contact:

Class of 2018
Class Contact:

Class of 2019
Class Contact:

Class of 2020
Class Contact:

Class of 2021
Class Contact:

To submit your reunion information..... E-mail:

Mike Royce - Class of 1962
(603) 224-3805

Web Master (603) 224-3805