Concord High School
Concord, NH

Alumni Directory

It is very unfortunate that I must announce that the Concord High School's
Alumni Directory will not be on the Internet any time soon.

The Problem:
Bill Haubrich, Jr., past Assistant CHS Principal, took a sabbatical to create
an Alumni Directory from 1907 to 2004.

Since Bill's leaving Concord School District employment, it has been very
"Iffy" as to "when" and "if" this directory has been updated and online.

I, with others, have met with CSD Administration to try and rectify these
problems with very little success. Apparently you have to be an alumni
to see its value.

My Expectations:
I was CSD's IT Director / Systems Analyst / Programmer for 10 years
- SO -
I know how easy it would be to maintain this Alumni Directory of static
data (does not change much) online for another 100 years.

Temporary Workaround:
I have been given the complete Alumni Directory plus updates.

If you are searching for CHS alumni, with a name and / or year of
graduation, call me, Mike Royce, Class of 1962, at (603) 224-3805
- OR -

Web Master (603) 224-3805